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A good web site in 2016 is all about providing the best and most relevant content to users across multiple devices including desktop, tablet and smartphones. 

Web designers looking to succeed this year should follow the guide lines outlined below to preform a website health check to improve the websites they create in 2016.

Improve the visual content

With the massive growth in tablet and smartphone devices allowing more people to access the web, and more often, you need to provide content that automatically adapts to the users device plus is visually striking on the users device. Your content must grab people’s attention straight away with great images and you will give yourself the platform to retain guests.

Responsive Design

Given the range of devices that people use to access the internet, it is essential that you have a responsive website. This will boost your search engine rankings, it will improve the user experience and it will save time and effort in updating your site, so make sure that your website is responsive. We have designed a number of responsive Joomla templates which are great for building mobile friendly websites.

Add videos

People are looking for video content. With the massive growth in Youtube people love video's so it's recommended to embed good quality video content in the blog post you have written to add more value for the visitior.

Web site speed

A slow website is not good for user experience and will increase your bounce rate and impact your search engine rankings. Read the blog post useful tips to speed up your Joomla website which will help you get the most out of your site.

Reduce text content

Following on from the need to increase video content, you need to reduce text content. This means focus on quality, rather than quantity. Say what needs to be said and then get out before saying too much.

Utilise white space

White space improves the user experience, it can keep people on pages longer and it allows your content space to breathe. Some web designers consider white space as wasted space, it isn’t, it provides more emphasis to the space you do use.

Make the website navigation simpler

Again, people are using a variety of devices, often smaller devices, so make it easier to get around your site. Signpost what you offer and provide plenty of links, users and search engines will thank you for your efforts.

Get rid of what you don’t need or what doesn’t add value

Keep things simple and don’t provide users with an excuse to log-off. 2016 web design is about moving away from annoying elements (pop-ups, auto play video/music content and the need to provide too much information on contact forms). Successful web design this year is about keeping it simple.

Have a proper goal for your blog

Most experts tell you to have a blog on site but you need a goal. Think about what you want the blog to achieve (generate traffic, position yourself as an expert, get email addresses) and make that the sole focus of your blog.

Keep testing

Be sure to have analytical support for your site and analyse what impact changes have on your site. You should always be looking to test new issues and aspects on your site and then review the effectiveness of each change. In 2016, web designers can’t afford to stand still.