The JD Variety Joomla template is now released at the web site and available for you to download today. Both JD Variety & JD Variety 2 come with tons of built in features including eight exceptional design layout styles for you to choose from and a built-in image sideshow that is both user-friendly and easy to update with your images or photos.  JD Variety and JD Variety 2 also come with a large choice of completely collapsible module positions, eight ready-made banner images, a selection of social network icons for the popular social media sites, CSS based drop down menu and much more. All of the settings contained in both JD variety and JD Variety 2 can be easily updated via the user friendly fully integrated control panel that is included with each template. If you require a modern web design to help you create a professional and unique personal or business website then visit the gallery today to view both JD Variety 2 and JD Variety that we have created at the website.


Date Released:  October 2009
Date Updated: February 2015

The JD Variety & JD Variety 2 templates come with the following

  • Template for the latest version of Joomla
  • Adobe Photoshop file
  • Step by step installation guide to install and setup JD Variety & JD Variety 2
  • Easy to use quick start package which allows you to create an exact copy of the JD variety demo website.

Joomla Template Features

All the mobile friendly Joomla templates we have designed at the website come with everything you need to build a website. They are easy to use and customize plus they also come with over 100 built-in features. Find out more about the template features

Website Demo Installer

demo installer new

Make your website look eaxctly like our demo website.

youtube Demo Installer Video

JD variety template Features

  • You get a choice of eight different built-in web design styles to choose from with JD Variety & JD Variety 2 to offer you more choice, flexibility and value for money.
  • JD Variety & JD Variety 2 come supplied with a number of ready made banner images, module icons and backgrounds to choose from to help you change the look and feel of the design.
  • Both JD Variety & JD Variety 2 support a built-in image slideshow is both really easy to use and update and is great for getting your customers attention about the services you have to offer at your website.
  • Both JD Variety and JD Variety 2 come with a built-in color customization tool which allows you to easily customize almost every element of design to suit your exact needs. You can change the header area colors, slideshow colors, module background colors, menu background colors content area and text colors, footer and so much more. The purpose of the color customization tool is to put you in control over how the design should look.
  • The custom drop down user log in and registration module position with have incoporated into JD Variety & JD Variety 2 is really useful to allow your customers to register new accounts at your website or to log into your site.
  • Both JD Variety and JD Variety 2 support a large number of fully collapsible modules positions so you can easily position the modules and content you create and publish at your site.
  • The top menu module supports a CSS based drop down menu which also supports sub menus.
  • The Social network images for Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and more that appear at the top of the template for the popular social networking sites can be easily enabled or disabled via the built-in control panel.
  • JD Variety & JD Variety 2 are both fully compatible with latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google chrome web browsers.
  • Both JD Variety and JD variety 2 also come with fully integrated built-in control panel which allows you to easily update all the settings and features we have built into each design.

JD Variety template styles and modules

JD Variety and JD Variety 2 come with a number of built-in ready made styles for you to choose from which you can easily switch between from the control panel. If you don't like one of the ready made styles we have created you can create and customize your own unique style using the built color customization tool.

JD Variety and JD Variety 2 come with a easy to use, user friendly built-in control panel which allows you to update all the settings we have include in designs. For more information open the screen shots below.