Create an awesome ecommerce website today with Light shop

Do you want to create a visually stunning mobile friendly website which will help you sell more products and rank higher in the Google results? If the answer is yes, then take a look at the magneta shop Joomla template which comes with everything you need to open an ecommerce website today. The magneta shop theme is a fully responsive design that looks great on all devices including PC, tablet and smart phones to provide your website visitors with the best shopping experience. Magneta shop is also easy to use and customize and comes with over 100 built-in features that gives you the freedom to easily customize the design for your website. Download magneta shop today to attract more visitors and sell more products online.


The magneta shop template comes with the following

    • Magneta shop template for the latest version of Joomla and the virtuemart ecommerce extension
    • Adobe Photoshop file is included.
    • Installation guide to install for magneta shop at your website.
    • A wide range of built-in features to choose from to help you easily setup and customize the Magneta design at your website
    • Our easy to use, time saving quick start installer package so you can create an exact copy of the Magneta demo website.

date  Date Updated : June 2017

youtube  Magneta shop video demo

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Magneta shop template features

  1. Magneta shop is a fully responsive template which adpats to all computer, tablet and smartphone sceens to provide your website visitors with the best shopping experience at your website.
  2. Google ranks responsive, mobile friendly websites higher in the search results.
  3. Magneta shop easy built-in template customization tool provides you with the freedom and control you need to change the designs color scheme to help you create a unique website for your business.
  4. You get a choice of six unique colour styles to choose from including blue, green, red, orange, yellow and pink.
  5. The magneta shop template is compatible with the latest version of the virtuemart ecommerce extension which comes with everything you need to setup and run a shop at your website.
  6. The latest and featured virtuemart product modules allows you to easily showcase the best selling products at the website.
  7. The built-in product image zoom feature allows visitors to zoom into the product images
  8. The built-in customer testimonials module is really easy to update with your latest customer testimonals.
  9. You get a choice of over 40 module positions to choose from which gives you the freedom and control to publish the modules anywhere at your website.
  10. You get a choice of web safe Fonts and google fonts to choose from.
  11. The built-in image slideshow can be easily updated with your images and text captions.
  12. You get a wide variety of CSS effects to choose from which can be applied to the module positions and menu items.
  13. The Mega menu is simple to update and great for providing your visitors with access to your products.
  14. You get a choice of fonts and typography styles to help you easily apply different styles to the text you publish at your website.
  15. The built-in user friendly control panel allows you to update all the features and settings we have built into web design for you.
  16. The Magneta shop design is fully compatible with latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google chrome, iOS and Android web browsers.

Magneta shop colour styles & module positons layout

Magneta shop comes supplied with six unique theme styles for you to choose including blue, green, red, orange, yellow and pink

You can also create your own unique colour style for the theme using the user friendly built-in theme customization tool.

Magneta shop control panel settings

All the built-in features the magneta shop template supports can be updated using the user friendly control panel.

For more information about the built-in features magneta shop supports open the control panel screen shots below.