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A good web site in 2016 is all about providing the best and most relevant content to users across multiple devices including desktop, tablet and smartphones. 

Web designers looking to succeed this year should follow the guide lines outlined below to preform a website health check to improve the websites they create in 2016.

Improve the visual content

With the massive growth in tablet and smartphone devices allowing more people to access the web, and more often, you need to provide content that automatically adapts to the users device plus is visually striking on the users device. Your content must grab peopleโ€™s attention straight away with great images and you will give yourself the platform to retain guests.

Responsive Design

Given the range of devices that people use to access the internet, it is essential that you have a responsive website. This will boost your search engine rankings, it will improve the user experience and it will save time and effort in updating your site, so make sure that your website is responsive. We have designed a number of responsive Joomla templates which are great for building mobile friendly websites.

Freelance web designers need to work effectively and they want value for money in everything they do. We have put together a list of 10 must have tools for web designers which you may find useful to help get more out of your day. We hope you find this article useful and if we have missed any anything let us know and we will be happy to add it to the blog post.


affinity photo shop alternative

If you like the idea of Photoshop but canโ€™t afford the price, this is the app for you. Affinity has a similar layout and feel to Photoshop but it offers plenty of features, tools and non-destructive layers that can be easily adjusted. At the price, itโ€™s a bargain and a great addition.

Cloud Comp

cloud comp for designers

If you are continually being asked by clients to share website and app mockups, you know how time-consuming a task it can be. Using the Cloud Comp app is a really easy way to share this work with your clients, pleasing them and allowing you to focus on more important matters.

Whether youโ€™re creating a new website or planning to update an existing website to give a fresh new look some good quality icons can make a big difference to the visual appearance of a website.

Applying a uniformed set of icons to your website is a great way of getting your message across to website visitors about the services or products you offer.

We have put together a list of 20 great looking free icon sets created by web designers cross the internet which can be used for any purpose. Whether your planning to create a business, travel, art of e-commerce website or any type of website you have in mind we are sure you will see an icon set included in this blog post which you can use to spice up your website.

All the icons included in this blog post are free to download and use for personal or commercial projects. They also come in vector, Photoshop or illustrator format so you can easily edit them if required.v

You can also find lots of great free icons created by some very talanted designers by visiting

Optimizing the images you include at your website is a great way to improve the overall speed of your website. Images weather they are in JPEG, PNG or GIF format which have not been compressed for the web can really slow your website down and have a serious impact on the web visitors user experience at speed of the website.

With more and more people visiting websites using smart phone and tablet devices on mobile connections it has become even more imporant to compress the size of the images you publish to your website.

We have put together a colection of online image optimization tools which are free and easy to use which can compress the file size of JPEG, GIF and PNG images by up to 50% without degrading the quality of the original image.

We understand you can achieve some great compression rates using Photoshop or RIOT and other 3rd party software.  
This blog post will only focus on online tools which do not require the installation of any software. As long as you have access to the internet and web browser you can use one of the free tools included in this blog.

There is a growing trend of websites offering high quality free stock photos released under the creative commons licence which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free in personal and commercial projects. This gives both designers and website owners a lot more freedom and flexibility to include images in the designs they create or in articles people publish at their website.

Some of the high resolution images available for download at the websites do come with some restrictions but a majority of them are free to use for personal or commercial use. The other great thing about the websites included in this article is that they get updated all the time so you can always find something new each time you visit one of the websites.