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You can modify the source code for the template you have downloaded at the website to get the look and feel you want.

The aim of a template is to provide you with a foundation to build upon and customize if required to your specific needs.

We have tried to make the templates at the website as easy as possible to customize by providing customers with the following.

  1. Built-in template control panel allows you easily make changes to the design including the color scheme.
  2. We supply the Adobe Photoshop file which you can use to customize the image work for the design.
  3. We have included comments in the template CSS file so you can understand how design is structured.

We like to keep things simple for customers.

We donโ€™t believe in releasing bloated, over complicated designs which only skilled web designers can use which is why we try very hard to make them as easy to use and customize as possible.

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