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We have tried very hard to ensure each Joomla template we develop and release at the website is as easy to use as possible.

We understand that not everyone is a web designer with the skills and knowledge to code PHP and CSS which is why we have incorporated a number of easy to use built-in features into the control panel which comes supplied with the template to make things easy for you.

For example here are some of the features we have included in the template control panel

  1. Color customization tool โ€“ This allows you to easily change parts of the template color scheme via the control panel. You can change the font color, design background, menu links, header background plus much more all via the control panel.
  2. Changing the logo โ€“ You can easily upload your own logo image, site title image and slogan image via the control panel which will appear in the header area of the template.
  3. You can easily enable or disable the social network icons which appear at the top of the design
  4. You can change the width, speed of the top drop down menu
  5. Change the settings included in the slideshow

Each template also comes supplied with the Photoshop source files which you can use to customize the image work plus the CSS files include comments to help you understand how each CSS element works.

If however you do require specific customization work completed on the template you have downloaded at the website please visit the template customization services page to view the sevices we have available at the website.

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