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The k2 extension is one of the most popular Joomla extensions available for download plus itโ€™s free and used by thousands of websites around the world to extend the features and functionality Joomla has to offer.

The k2 extension takes Joomla to a new level in terms of managing and creating content at your website. The out-of-the box  features include the ability to use additional fields for articles including images, videos, image galleries and attachments within articles and much more. It also supports nested level categories, tags, comments, user forms, ACL, frontend editing and alot more.

To sum up k2 will transform the way you manage, structure, update and publish content to your website.

We have designed a number of K2 templates at the website which have been specifically created to support the extension. Each template comes with custom CSS styles and HTML overrides to ensure k2 is fully integrated into the templates we have created at the website.

To view the collection of Joomla templates which fully support the K2 extension visit

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