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Assigning modules to specific pages or all pages is a great way to control where the module will appear at your Joomla site.

For example a number of the templates we have created at the website make use of custom HTML module positions for the built-in slideshow.

After you have created a custom HTML module for each slide you want to publish to the slideshow to can assign the slides included in the slideshow to all pages at the website or you can assign the slides to specific pages.

Module Manager

To assign a module to a menu item complete the following steps

  1. Select the Extension menu and module manager menu
  2. Open the custom HTML module you have created for the slideshow
  3. Select the menu assignment tab
  4. You will now see a number of options where you can assign the module to all pages or only on selected pages

Custom HTML

2nd Custom HTML


The above approach is an example of how you can assign the slides includes in the slideshow to all pages or specific pages.

The above tutorial is not just for the slideshow or custom HTML modules it can be used for any modules you create at your website.

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