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To change the log in and register buttons text which appears at the top of the template complete the following steps outlined in this document


How do I change the log in button text

  1. Log into the Joomla administrator area of your website
  2. Select the Extensions menu and Module manager menu
  3. Open the log in module you have published to the loginform module position
  4. Change the title for module to the text you want to appear in the login button
  5. Show the title for the module
  6. Save the settings
  7. The button will now display the text you have entered into the module title field

Module Title

  1. How do I change the Register button text
  2. Open the FTP software you have installed on your computer
  3. Download the template index.php file to your computer
  4. Make a backup of the index.php file first before making any changes to it
  5. Open the index.php file using notepad.exe installed on your computer
  6. Look for this code <?php echo JText::_('Register');?>
  7. Replace the Register text between the โ€˜ โ€˜ with the text you want to appear in the button.
  8. For example it could look like this <?php echo JText::_('Register A New Account'); ?>
  9. Save the changes to the index.php file
  10. Upload the updated template index.php to your website


If you have any questions about the above please feel free to open a support ticket at the website


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