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To install the Joomla template you have downloaded from the website complete the following steps noted below.

Joomla Template Installation Instructions

  1. Log into the Joomla administrator area of your website
  2. Select the Extensions menu and Extension Manager menu
  3. Select the Browse button and choose the template zip file located in the Joomla directory included in the zip file you have downloaded from the website to your computer
  4. Select the Upload & Install button

Extension Manager

5. You will now see the following message to confirm you have successfully installed the template at your website.


How Do I Make The Design The Default Template For My Website

To make the design you have installed the default template for your website complete the following

  1. From your Joomla administrator area select the Extensions menu and Template Manager menu
  2. Select the check box next to the Joomla template you have installed
  3. Select the button Make Default button

Template Manager Styles



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