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After many months of development the latest version of Joomla 3.7 has been released and is available for download.

The latest verison of the content management system comes with 700 new features, improvements, and updates.

Some of the key features and new improvements the development team and community have incorporated into Jomla 3.7 include the long waited Custom Fields feature, Multilingual Association component, enahnced TinyMCE editor, improved administrator and front end workflow prcesses and an enhaced user experience which makes managing a website much easier for administrators

Custom fields

custom fields

The new custom field feature allows you to include additional attributes into document articles, users, and contacts which are seamlessly integrated and displayed on the front end of a website.

The Custom fields features provides you with the option of up to 15 different custom field types such as lists, text fields, and dates and more.

From the website administrator area you can easily incorporate the fields into articles, users, and contacts. For example when you edit an article via the Joomla administrator area the custom fields appear in a separate tab and can be filled with data you choose.

This new features provides you with alot more control and flexability over the type of data you collect from website visitors and how its also presented to your website visitors.

Multilingual Support

multilingual association

Joomla is know for its Multilingual Support and for making the content management system as accessoiable as possible across mulitiple languges.

The new multilingual associations feature makes it even easier to manage and translate your content on the fly via the Joomla administrator area.

This new features also makes it easier for extension developers to integrate full langauge tarnslation support into the extensions they develop.

Enhanced workflow

Another of the big improvements introduced in the latest version of Joomla 3.7 includes article, category and menu work flow which is much more intuitive.

Its is now even easier to create articles, categories and menus and interlink them on the fly via the administrator area.

TinyMCE Improvements

tiny mce editor

The TinyMCE Joomla editor has been enhanced and updated for the latest version of 3.7 New buttons are now included in the TinyMCE editor menu bar where you can quickly add menu links, contacts and newsfeeds directly to the articles and modules you cerate a publish at your website.

Extension Management improvements

You can now restrict access to administrators from uninstalling components, modules, and plugins separately.

This new feature adds another layer of protection over your website.

The above are only some of the new improvements incorporated into the latest version of 3.7 as noted above there has been over 700 improvements and updates. To find out more visit