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The assumption is that the person using the Energize Themes have a basic understanding of both Joomla and VirtueMart. Support for Joomla and VirtueMart is outside of the scope of subscription support. 

Support from Energize Themes refers to the assistance we offer to our customers, helping them out with technical support for our templates. We will also provide updates and fixes to any bugs or flaws in the program.  Assistance is described as the post-purchase support offered by Energize Themes in resolving software conflicts and usability issues, as well as delivering updates and fixes for any bugs and security vulnerabilities in the software. 

We ensure that you will receive a response within 72 hours during normal working hours. Working days refer to Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays. 

Support Fees and Eligibility

Assistance is provided at no extra charge to individuals who have subscribed, regardless of the type of subscription. However, the support is limited to the specific domain(s) that have been specified in your subscription. In order to be eligible for support, you must direct your inquiries to Energize Themes by raising a support ticket on our portal located in the top menu. Any correspondence and responses will be strictly between Energize Themes and the subscriber, and will not be shared with any third parties unless legally required. Please keep in mind that you are solely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in the aforementioned form. 

Unless specifically mentioned, no other communication methods are endorsed or supported. 

In certain situations, Energize Themes may need access to your Joomla! Administration dashboard or other access (such as your FTP account, MySQL database, or hosting control panel) to address your support inquiry. We will require direct access to your publicly accessible Joomla!  website to debug and conduct relevant tests to identify any issues with our templates on your installation. We may not be able to provide support if these are not provided, as we may not be able to determine the cause of your problems.

Unless specifically mentioned, no other communication methods are endorsed or supported. 

Once we have received your payment successfully, your subscription will be activated.
In the rare circumstances, that the subscription is not activated on successful payment, please raise a support ticket and we will investigate the issue. 

Support Limitation

The support provided is exclusively in the English language.

A demo site for each of our templates is linked from the relative template page.
Please check the demo to be sure that the template meets your requirements. 

Full documentation on how to set-up each template according to the demo is also linked from the relative template page. 

Our support includes:

  • Assisting and advising you on our subscriptions and services.
  • Assisting you with the usage of our website's services and features.
  • Fixing any bugs and errors on the template ( in accordance with the stated Joomla! VirtueMart and PHP compatibility) 
  • Offering guidance on non-documented issues, tips, and tricks related to our templates.
  • Making minor adjustments to our products to ensure compatibility with your Joomla! installation. 
    Please be aware that we retain the right to decline any or all modifications to our software. 

 Support does not include:

  • Joomla! support and training
  • VirtueMart support and training
  • Any training (including css, html, javascript, Joomla! and VirtueMart) are outside of the scope of the subscriptions support.
  • Alteration or modifications of our products or any other products (Joomla! related or unrelated) to meet a certain need.
  • We do not provide assistance through email or any other means regarding installing, customising, administering Joomla! or any other matters that are not directly linked to our templates. 
  • Compatibility issues with third party extensions
  • How to setup one or any number of our templates to achieve a specific goal.

We offer a range of tutorials and tips within our products' documentation that can assist you in achieving specific functionalities. Please refer to our Knowledge Base

Our templates are provided "as is" without any expressed or implied warranty or meaning that they will work exactly as you expect or with third party extensions.

If you do find any bugs in our products' code you are free to report them through a support ticket.

Support Period

Energize Themes is not obliged to offer assistance, grant access to downloads, or provide any other services included in the subscription once the indicated subscription term ends, unless you choose to renew your subscription before the agreed expiration date as mutually arranged between Energize Themes and yourself. 

Use of the Subscription

While there is no limit on downloads, sharing subscriptions is not allowed. Any form of sharing that results in multiple downloads simultaneously, thereby impacting the performance of this website, is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to the termination of your subscription.
Prior written consent from Energize Themes is required if you wish to sub-license, assign, or transfer your subscription to another individual.
Please note that you do not have the right to claim intellectual or exclusive ownership of any of the products, whether they have been modified or not. All products are the property of Energize Themes.

Our organisation will not be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred from the use or inability to use our products. These damages may include direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages.

When your subscription expires, it means that the support, updates (including membership details and product source code), and other download services will come to an end.

Product Updates

All of our products are specifically designed to be compatible with the latest versions of Joomla! and VirtueMart at the time of their release. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that our products will continue to function properly with future versions of Joomla!
For any issues related to software versions, our subscribers are welcome to use any of the officially approved methods of communication to reach out to us.
Please note that during the subscription period, we do not provide any assurances regarding new updates nor do we provide specific timeline or development plans for updates. These details are exclusive to Energize Themes and will not be made available to the public unless stated otherwise.
Nevertheless, we are committed to providing excellent service to our subscribers and we will do our utmost to ensure that our products remain current and fully operational.

Termination of Service

If you violate our support policy, we have the right to end your service. If we do terminate your service, you are allowed to use our products through the GNU/GPL license, but you will not receive any support or updates from Energize Themes.
We kindly ask that you adhere to our support policy with courtesy and respect.
The use of inappropriate language, abuse, threats or ultimatum towards our staff will not be tolerated resulting in an immediate cancellation of your membership without any refund.

Updates and Changes

The Support Policies for Energize Themes may be revised periodically and are subject to modification by Energize Themes. We retain the right to adjust the Support Policy without advance notice. 
While this Support Policy primarily applies to subscribers, we also reserve the right to enforce parts or all of it for non-subscribers as well.

We currently offer paid support for building your website at an additional cost. Paid support are available in 1 hour, 3 hour and 5 hour support packages. 
Please refer to the following page for more details. Paid Template Support.