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Many of the templates we have developed at the website make use of custom HTML modules which are great for displaying text or images inside the modules which you can create and publish at your website.

If you plan to include a number of images in the template slideshow which will be displayed on the home page or other pages at  your site we recommend you optimize / compress the images first to make the images smaller.

All the template zip packages we have released at the website are structured in the following way to make it easy for you to quickly access all the information you need.

Google Analytics is a powerful reporting tool which you can use to understand where your web site traffic is coming from plus it will give you a better understanding about your web site visitors behavior and help you to make improvements at your Joomla site.

To change the log in and register buttons text which appears at the top of the template complete the following steps outlined in this document

To update the footer copyright text which appears at the bottom of the template complete the following steps.

This tutorial will guide you through including custom CSS code in the Joomla template you have downloaded at the website.

Assigning modules to specific pages or all pages is a great way to control where the module will appear at your Joomla site.

We have tried to make the templates we have created at the website for Joomla as easy to use and customize as possible.

All the templates we have developed at the website for Joomla include support for a number of collapsible module positions which allows you to publish, position and display content at your website within the module positions you create at your website.

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