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All the templates we have developed at the website for Joomla include support for a number of collapsible module positions which allows you to publish, position and display content at your website within the module positions you create at your website.

Module usage examples

You can use the module positions included in the template for the following.

  1. Built in default modules which comes supplied with Joomla including menus, latest news, user log in, search, RSS Feeds, news flash and much more.
  2. Third party extensions may come with modules which can be published to the module positions
  3. You can create custom HTML modules which allows you to add text or images inside the custom module positions you publish at the website
  4. A number of the designs we have created at the  website come with a built-in slideshow. The slideshow makes use of the custom HTML module positions to give you more control and flexibility over where the slides appear at your site.

Standard Template Module Positions

All the Joomla templates available for download at the website support the following standard module positions as show in the screen shot below.


Module Position Details

The following information will provide you with more information about each module position show in the above screen shot.

  1. The module positions can be enabled or disabled
  2. All the modules are fully collapsible
  3. You can assign the modules to specific menu items you create at your website which gives you a lot more control over where content is displayed

Standard Module Position descriptions

  1. Site name and slogan is used to display your site name or slogan text or images you create and publish at the website
  2. Loginform is used to for the default Joomla log in module which allows your visitors to register new accounts and log into your website
  3. Position-1 is used to display the top menu navigation
  4. Position-0 can be used to display the default search form at your site
  5. The built-in slideshow module is used to display the slides you create and publish to the slideshow
  6. Top-1, top-2, top-3, top-4, top-5, top-6, top-7, top-8, top-9, top-10, top-11, top-12 can be used to display custom module content you create at your site or you can use the positions to publish the default Joomla or 3rd party modules
  7. Position-2 and position-3 can be used to display custom content, images or welcome text.
  8. Top-Long can be used to display custom content, images, default Joomla or a 3rd party module
  9. Top-left-1, top-left-2, position-7, bottom-left-1, bottom-left-2 can be used to display the left menu navigation for your website plus other modules you create and publish at your site
  10. Top-a, top-b, top-c, top-d can be used to display custom, Joomla default or 3rd party modules you publish to your site
  11. Component is used to display all the content you create and publish to your website.
  12. Bottom-a, bottom-b, bottom-c, bottom-d can be used to display custom, Joomla default or 3rd party module content
  13. Top-right-1, top-right-2, position-6, bottom-right-1, bottom-right-2 can be used any modules you wish to publish at your website
  14. Bottom-long can be used to display any type of module you wish to publish to your website
  15. Bottom-1, bottom-2, bottom-3, bottom-4, bottom-5, bottom-6 can be used to display custom content, images, Joomla default or 3rd party modules
  16. Footer can be used to display any module you wish to publish to your website
  17. Footer-left can be used for the footer menu navigation module
  18. Footer-right can be used for the website copyright text

Other ways to view the template module positions

You can also view the module positions the template supports using the following methods noted below.

  1. The template installation guide includes a screen shot of the module position layout plus detailed notes about each module
  2. You can enable the Preview Module Positions settings via the Joomla administrator area

How do I enable the preview module positions

Complete the following to enable the review module positions setting

  1. Log into the administrator area of your Joomla website
  2. Select the Extensions menu and Template Manager menu

Template Manager

3. Select the Options button which appears just above the filer and search field

4. You will now see the global configuration for templates settings where you can enable or disable the preview modules


5. After you have enabled the above setting select the Save & Close button

How Do I Preview The Module Positions

  1. Open your web browser and enter your website address followed by a forward slash / and after the / enter index.php?tp=1
  2. Example would look like this
  3. You will now see an outline of the module positions the template supports

Note: after you have previewed the module positions and taken a screen shot of them it is recommended that you disable the module positions preview option at your website.



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